Friday, October 16, 2015

SAFSTOR MATTERS wins Best Series of Year on Brattleboro Community Television

 (l-r) Karen Wilson, show producer, Marty Cohn, show host, Sarah Burnap, show producer, and Deniz Cordell, music composer.
Vermont Yankee’s SAFSTOR MATTERS named 2015 Best Series of Year by Brattleboro Community Television

BRATTLEBORO, VT ---(October 9, 2015) --- At its annual meeting held on October 8, 2015, Brattleboro Community Television awarded Vermont Yankee’s show, SAFSTOR MATTERS, the 2015 Best Series of the Year. The program takes its name from the federal term for an extended period of dormancy that precedes actual decommissioning work.

The monthly cable television show  is not only seen on BCTV but also on the Internet through the station’s YOUTUBE channel.  It is also seen on all the cable television stations in the facility’s emergency planning zone.

“It’s something that we developed to communicate information about what’s going on with the decommissioning at Vermont Yankee to the public,” said Entergy Vermont Yankee company spokesman Marty Cohn, “And, to the best of our knowledge, is a first in the nation for Entergy.”

Cohn said, “Each month a different topic is explored with experts; from spent fuel management to the economic impact of the plant closing to emergency planning. We have repeatedly promised transparency as we shut down Vermont Yankee and work toward eventual decommissioning. The show is aimed at fulfilling that promise, and is also a venue in which Entergy can communicate directly with viewers without the opposition the company encounters in public forums.”

“From the moment the original theme music composed by Deniz Cordell plays to the rolling credits 27 minutes later, the staff at BCTV has been instrumental to the high production value of the show,” Cohn added, “We are very proud and honored to receive this award.”

Episodes of SAFSTOR MATTERS can be seen on Vermont Yankee’s web site,


I plan to post episodes of SAFSTOR MATTERS at this blog in the near future.  For now, you can see the show at the VY site linked above.


Robert said...

Well, people in Vermont who watch Safestore Matters must not have much to do in the evening.

If this show won awards, why doesn't the station spend some money (I know its public television but this should not cost that much) and go to IKEA and get a new table. The one they have is frayed at the edges and looks terrible. It would also help to have a model of VY and also, pictures of the decommissioning in progress. And get some visual aids. If that music director was the singer in the opening, I think he needs to make a new recording.

Meredith Angwin said...

Robert, I completely agree that some visuals of the plant would be a good thing. Good idea.

For the rest, I disagree. I like the song. I admit it is not replacing "Fields of Gold" among my top favorites. But it is good theme music IMO.

The table. Ahh, yes. I have been to several community television studios in Vermont. They are bare-bones for sure. I don't know. I have a feeling that lots of the other community TV shows use that same table, and it might have been a deliberate choice for Entergy to "fit in," to not be "hey, we bring our own table." To be honest, I didn't even notice the table until you pointed it out. Perhaps I have lived in Vermont a little too long!

Sean said...

Heck, just some time with a sander and a can of paint would be more than enough to fix it up!

Robert said...

Actually, the station doesn't even have to do that. Entergy can make a large donation of furniture to the station that they have at guess where - Vermont Yankee! With fewer people, they don't need it any more and Entergy gets a tax deduction. There is probably enough for a full truckload!