Saturday, November 13, 2010

27th Carnival of Nuclear Energy. Julia Angwin and Privacy.

The 27th Carnival of Nuclear Energy is up at Next Big Future.

This one is a real feast. There's a post about natural gas supply, and demand. And the bets the big companies are placing on gas (hint, they think the price will rise). A link to a new blog by filmmaker Robert Stone, and information about his latest project: Pandora's Promise. Another topic: would molten salt reactors be cheaper than Gen IV reactors? To learn about energy, attend the Carnival!

Truth In Advertising

My family has a tradition of bringing the truth forward wherever we can.
  • My aunt, Blanche Stein Vision, was one of the few women lawyers of her day. She worked for the Federal Trade Commission, and led the actions that required construction companies to label their model homes honestly: this is part of the base price while that is an upgrade. She is in her 80s, retired, and lives in Phoenix.
  • I do my best to tell the truth about nuclear power, and counter the endless lies of the Vermont Yankee opponents (Tritium is very dangerous in tiny amounts! Ending the Vermont Yankee license will fill Vermont with renewable energy!) I attempt to be a source of reliable information.
  • Our daughter, Julia Angwin, is a technology editor at the Wall Street Journal. In recent weeks, she has spearheaded the effort to find out What They Know about you. You are being tracked on the internet, and the information is not just used to suggest books you might like. It is sold, sometimes with your name attached. Recently, Congress and the President have vindicated the Wall Street Journal work. They are considering plans to add internet privacy controls similar to privacy requirements standard in Europe.

Well, it's my blog! So I decided to post this video of Julia at the Wall Street Journal. She is being teased about possibly moving to Washington to implement privacy controls. (I don't think she is moving!) It is a triumphant video and we are all so very proud of her work.


Anonymous said...

Meredith: Your daughter's privacy articles seem to be attracting some attention. I regularly read a science/tech news aggregator site, to keep abreast of science and technology news. Anyhow, today they posted a story about the WSJ articles on privacy, but they also point out that, ironically, the WSJ site puts a hard-to-delete tracking cookie onto your computer, itself.

Meredith Angwin said...

Hi Jeff. Julia is aware of the WSJ policies, and often mentions them in the articles. Just like mentioning NewsCorp has to include"parent company of the Wall Street Journal."

Reporters don't get to make the business decisions for the company!