Saturday, November 19, 2011

World Wide Web and Vermont Yankee Links

I am one of the Page Owners of the Save Vermont Yankee Facebook Page. It is visible just to the right, on this blog. If you are on Facebook, please Like us! You can Like us without even leaving the Yes Vermont Yankee blog site.

On the Facebook Page, we often post web links that are interesting or amusing or relevant to energy issues in Vermont. Very few of these links ever make it to a Yes Vermont Yankee blog post. I am trying an experiment today. I am going to post a few of the links that were placed on the FB Page last week.

If readers like this, I will try to post some links most weekends. Let me know what you think.

Vermont Yankee and Vermont History: Letter in the Reformer. Our economy is in the toilet. Last time this happened in Vermont, about fifty years ago, we climbed out of recession by voting to build Vermont Yankee.

Germany faces sticker shock as renewables replace nuclear. A dozen coal-fired plants will also be built. Environment News Service.

An attempt to read the Vermont Comprehensive Energy Plan. Letter in True North Reports. The letter-writer struggles along, reading the report, but can't make any progress on figuring out how much all those renewables will cost.

States and States Rights in Vermont. VPR interview with McQuiston. Killington couldn't secede from Vermont, and Vermont can't regulate nuclear safety. Timothy McQuiston is editor of Vermont Business Magazine.

Vermonters should embrace the true meaning of tolerance. A letter in True North Reports. Prejudice is alive and well in Southern Vermont. Vermont Yankee employees are the target. (In case you think this is just one person's opinion, I recommend one of my posts from about a year and a half ago: Three Views of the Outage. Vermont Yankee children have dropped out of activities because other children tell them that their fathers are trying to kill everyone.)


The earth as seen from Apollo 17. Wikipedia I'm linking to the World Wide Web, so I show the world. I thought of sausage links as a graphic, but this is prettier.


Joffan said...

Still holding my breath for the court ruling... as I'm sure you are. For some reason I'd convinced myself that Thursday was a likely day. I can't remember why.

Meredith Angwin said...

Joffan. Me too!

The big question is...before or after Thanksgiving? I think everyone is holding their breath. For example, Don Kreis, the VLS professor who often comments on the law case, has a recent post in Vermont Digger...on his visit to Lowell Mountain wind farm.