Sunday, April 29, 2012

102nd Carnival of Nuclear Energy At Next Big Future

The 102nd Blog Carnival is posted at Next Big Future.  Once again, Brian Wang has done a splendid job of putting together a great Carnival.  Rod Adams on an Australian project on climate change, Stephen Aplin on how PBS story on water in Africa manages to omit the fact that the new purification methods require electricity, me about San Onofre at Atomic Power Review blog, and me about KI pills at this blog.  And there's more: Gail Marcus and Brian Wang on world-wide events, Steve Skutnik on how nuclear proponents have a "tin ear" for what might persuade their audiences, and a provocative post from Charles Barton on Uranium as a Renewable Resource (think sea-water!)  And more, too!

It's a great Carnival.  Stop by and visit.  Enjoyable reading for a spring evening!

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jimwg said...

If this sober reality of ridgelines and mountaintops being razed in Vermont for wind farms to assuage the "might be/if" nightmares of anti nukers is true, what in the name of natural sanity do they tell their children of how lovely things used to be? Natural vistas from Sea to Shining Windmill?? Anti-nukers, get a GRIP on reality! Is calming your off-the-wall nightmares worth this??

Thanks for heads-up by Rod Adams.

James Greenidge
Queens NY