Tuesday, April 24, 2012

We start with Vermont Yankee. Later, we shut down capitalism

In my recent post Three Views of the April 14 Opponent Rally,  I quoted a friend's email to me:

This one sign, held high and very visible at the rally, says it all, or very nearly:
Shut down VT Yankee 
Shut down all nukes 
Shut down capitalism

The first comment  on my post asked if I had a picture of the sign.  Of course I didn't, but I found one!  You can see the gazebo in this picture, too.  The speakers addressed the crowd from that gazebo.

If you go back to my blog post and watch the video, or if you follow its links to other coverage of the rally, you will not see this sign. Regular media did not take pictures of it, as far as I can tell.



Anonymous said...

It's important to remember that just because one person in the anti-VY "camp" expresses such a view, that it is not necessarily representative of the view of most opponents of VY. Still, it certainly is representative of at least *some* of the people opposing nuclear power.

Meredith Angwin said...

Jeff. You are correct. This is a view of only some of the people at the rally. However, these people are there, and the local press seems to ignore their statements, signs, etc.

Travelogue for the Universe said...

Words of one viewpoint are given paid air time. Thanks, Meredith for giving the untold side, my side, the poor Vermonter's side. best wishes, you are a brave one. mary

Anonymous said...

The majority of us...the 99%...should love nuclear power. Clean, abundant, inexpensive, reliable energy is what allows us to have a good standard of living and allows our businesses to be competitive. The money made by the nuclear power companies stays in the community in the form of well paid, secure, safe jobs instead of being sent to unstable countries where it supports dictators.

See Rod Adams' post at


He says it much better than I can.

Rod Adams said...

@Anonymous - Thank you for the quote and the link back to Atomic Insights. You - and Meredith - have started my day off right.

We are in a strange struggle where many people who really like human society and the good things that science and technology can do for us are fighting against a bizarre coalition.

The vocal opposition to nuclear energy appears to be made up primarily of soft-hearted people who think they are fighting against capitalism and money. They are quietly supported by some of the most greedy and successful capitalists on the planet - the people who drill, finance, transport, market, and burn fossil fuels along with their pet politicians and friends in the advertiser supported media.

Fortunately, I think that the broad group of people in the middle who want to live healthier, happier, cleaner, more productive lives are going to win. We just have to work harder to find each other against the volume that the opposition is able to generate with both misdirected passion and defensive wealth.