Thursday, June 20, 2013

Energy Made Simple: Southern Company's 90 second videos

I just returned from the ANS Meeting in Atlanta.

At the meeting,  I attended a panel on Communicating for New Nuclear Facilities, chaired by Mimi Limbach. Limbach's blog post about the panel appears today in ANS Nuclear Cafe:

Transparency and Proactive Outreach in Good Nuclear Energy Communications.

During the panel, Todd Terrell  of Southern Company showed a new video clip:
86 Seconds on Nuclear Energy and Gumballs.

When I went to embed that clip on my blog, I found another great clip by Southern Company on YouTube.  This clip is about the importance of energy diversity:
91 Seconds on Scrambled Eggs and Energy Policy

I am amazed and impressed with how much these clips communicate in such a short time.
Great going, Southern Company!


Anonymous said...

It was great meeting you. Thanks for sharing our videos. And, keep up the great work in Vermont!
Todd Terrell

Bill Rodgers said...

Great videos..

Thanks for pointing them out.