Monday, June 17, 2013

Pandora's Box -Commentary

Pandora's Promise is Robert Stone's film about five turncoat environmentalists' paths to the knowledge that nuclear power might just save the planet. Their former comrades now turn on them in fear-mongering reviews describing "dangerous myths" and "false promises". But reviewers do not dispute the facts of the movie; they can't; the facts have been verified by a Nobel laureate physicist.

Nuclear power is inexpensive (1/4 the cost of solar), safe (zero deaths from TMI or Fukushima), CO2 free, and has already saved millions of lives from air pollution deaths.

Fear of nuclear power helps Greenpeace raise $336 million annually, so they oppose it. Fossil fuel companies fear nuclear power competition and so they fund opponents such as NRDC. Fear of nuclear war creates unease with nuclear power, although no commercial power reactors have ever produced weapons material. Fear of radiation makes the dentist drape a lead X-ray apron on you, though any risk is infinitesimal compared to deaths from dental surgery.

Suspend your own fears long enough to see the facts in Pandora's Promise.

Robert Hargraves

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Travelogue for the Universe said...

Thanks for this link. Have a great day. Submarines are another example of humans coexisting with nuclear power.