Friday, November 22, 2013

The Formal Negotiations: On Decommissioning Vermont Yankee

Attorney General Sorrell 
After some preliminary reports that "negotiations between Governor Shumlin's administration and Entergy would be held," we finally have a report that one such meeting was held.

"Issues" were discussed--

Dave Gram of Associated Press reports that Governor Shumlin, Attorney General Sorrell, Department of Public Service Commissioner Recchia (and perhaps others) are meeting with Entergy. The group plans to prepare a "global agreement" on decommissioning issues. They have met at least once, and  they plan to meet again in early December.  

This is a round of "formal negotiations." According to Sorrell, it includes discussion of the following "issues":
  • how much work will need to be done on the site, 
  • what's in the underground piping, 
  • how long it's likely to take for the nuclear fuel rods to cool enough that they can be moved
Since these "issues" are actually not "issues" but facts, I think  the Shumlin people are actually just getting a briefing from Entergy. This doesn't sound like a "negotiation."  If it is any kind of negotiation,  I wish the plant the best of luck.  I think that Entergy may want a global agreement.

But sound bites may be planned.

I also think that Governor Shumlin will prefer having sound bites to having an agreement. 

Governor Shumlin
I suspect Shumlin plans to hold a press conference after the meetings. In this conference, he will claim that Entergy-Louisiana would not give Shumlin what he wants for the people-of-Vermont. (We don't live in Louisiana, you know?)

Okay, okay, I am judging Shumlin by his past words and his past actions.  He may have changed.  I believe that people can change.  I will have to wait and see if Governor Shumlin has changed.  For the sake of my friends at the plant, I hope Shumlin has changed!

However, if Shumlin begins insulting "Entergy-Louisiana" in the near future, please remember that you read it here first.


Anonymous said...

I have no doubts that Scumlin will revert to type, i.e., a demogogue and bully, if he doesn't get his way with Entergy. It isn't enough that he killed VY, now he has to abuse the corpse by dictating how the plant will be buried. The meaner part of me hopes that Entergy will stick with SAFSTOR just to poke this bum in the eye.

Anonymous said...


Robert said...

This is why I advocated the idea of safestore but not taking anything apart and having nuclear people who could come in right away as people can restart a school/salon/restaurant/auto factory/fossil fueled power plant. Governor Shumlin will not be there forever (does Vermont have term limits?). Here nobody seems to like Governor Corbett, do many people there like Shumlin? It seems that taking away the thick concrete reactor building will be difficult, expensive and use a lot of energy. Entergy should stick with the Safestor option.

Anonymous said...

I think Entergy should just sign everything over to Shumlin and the state of Vt, including the funds they have now and let them shut it down any way they want to. Just don't ask for any more money!