Saturday, March 29, 2014

Board Issues CPG to Vermont Yankee through 2014

Public Service Board
David Coen, James Volz, John Burke
A Certificate while pouting

The Public Service Board issued a Certificate of Public Good for Vermont Yankee, to run through the end of 2014.  They did it with their usual insulting snark toward Entergy. As VPR quoted the Board order:

“In its 12 years of operating in Vermont, Entergy VY has failed to comply with numerous board orders and statutory requirements,” the board said. “It has failed to follow procedural requirements that protect the integrity of board proceedings. The company has engaged in unacceptable conduct that erodes public trust and its capacity to act in good faith and to engage in fair dealing.”

The board said that if Entergy had wanted a 20 year license extension, “its track record may well have led us to find that ownership and operation would not promote the general good.”

Why did I quote VPR's quote of the order? Why didn't I quote the order directly myself? Well, frankly, because I haven't read it.  This order is 97 pages long.  Here's a link:

As VPR quoted Shumlin: Gov. Peter Shumlin was also pleased with the decision. “The decision provides certainty and predictability for the hard workers at the plant, over $10 million of economic development funding for the region, and lets us focus on the important work of transitioning to a future after Vermont Yankee..

Well, that is enough for now.  My snark factor is rising, along with my blood pressure.  Gosh, Governor Shumlin cares about the "hard workers at the plant." Yeah, sure!

The Board makes its own bed

I am very glad that the Board ruled in a timely fashion, and they did not attempt to shut down the plant a few months early.
Canada, with Quebec highlighted

From my point of view, the members of the board can now go ahead and enjoy their pouting about Entergy's "unacceptable conduct."  I think the main "unacceptable conduct" was Entergy winning its lawsuits.

Hopefully, this is it. No nuclear plant will ever again have to deal with the Vermont Public Service Board.  Instead, the Board can enjoy trying to control the Canadian companies who supply Vermont's gas and electricity.

Over and out, and more later.


Update: Rod Adams blog post about visiting Vermont Yankee is now also posted at The Energy Collective. It has generated a lively comment stream, including comments from

  • opponents from the Brattleboro area, 
  • Bas Gresnigt,
  • N Nadir, expert and blogger extraordinaire,
  • and several good people who are knowledgable about nuclear energy.

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Joffan said...

Clearly Entergy has been insufficiently deferential and apologetic for its arrogant and offensive production of reliable baseload electricity.

Just so you know in advance, all the problems that will be caused by the state government running Entergy out of town - they'll be Entergy's fault too.

Anonymous said...

PSB (German Soldier) issues CPG to VY (American Soldier)

Anonymous said...

Your link to the Energy Collective takes one to an error warning. Perhaps sabotage?

Meredith Angwin said...

Hello Anon

I never watched Private Ryan because it was too bloody for me, and I admit that I dropped out of this film clip quickly also. Hope that it is meaningful to others. Perhaps you can explain the point of it, for those of us who can't bear to watch it?

Anon (or Anon 2?)

The link for Energy Collective worked for me, but when I got to the site, I noticed that I was signed in and the site heading said "hello Meredith" or words to that effect. I am an (infrequent) contributor to the Energy Collective. Maybe the link I supplied only works for people who already have an account there? Anyhow, if you go to the main Energy Collective site,
you will see that Rod Adams has two featured posts, including the one about Vermont Yankee.

sepatu murah said...

PSB (German Soldier) issues CPG to VY. right?