Saturday, January 9, 2010

How We Can Win in Montpelier

In theory, our Vermont legislators shouldn't give a darn about most of the walkers, because they don't vote in Vermont. In fact, with all five Vermont Democrat gubernatorial contenders declaring against Yankee, the legislators will be paying attention. We must be sure that our voices are also heard.

The Vermont State House, Montpelier, Wednesday January 13, 2010, noon to four p.m.

What can we do? Well, some of us can go to the legislature that day, hopefully with signs in support of Vermont Yankee. Among other things, it will be a great way to meet me, your faithful blogger. I will be the extremely beautiful older woman with a sign: Yes Vermont Yankee. Okay, easy to recognize.

Here's a map for parking in Montpelier.

(Look, if the anti-s can stage a fake debate, I can tell you I am beautiful. At least the sign will be recognizable.)

If you can't come then write your legislator. If you haven't got a legislator because you don't live in Vermont, write anyway. Most of the walkers come from out of state, after all.

To write your legislator (or somebody's legislator) go this website for the legislative listings. The directories contain email addresses. The committee lists and the district list contain names, which must be cross-referenced to the directories. If you don't have a representative and want to write someone, email one of the members of the committees on Natural Resources and Energy.

Let's have a presence as this fight begins.

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Anonymous said...

Why in the world do democrats oppose nuclear? Don't they realize that energy is the single biggest indicator of prosperity? Don't they want to help the poor? Creating more jobs will require cheap energy. And, putting forth false solutions like wind and solar will inevitably lead to severe energy shortages and increased carbon emissions-- or, in the case of corn ethanol, directly help cause them. Al Gore cast the tie-breaking vote in the Senate as VP to make corn ethanol our direction; the same year team Clinton cancelled the Integral Fast Reactor. Yikes. Most of the scientists that developed the technology were themselves liberal democrats, who understood that if something is a million times as energy dense it produces a million times less waste. To those who oppose Vermont Yankee, I say read Jared Diamond's "Collapse: How societies CHOOSE to fail or succeed. The democrats must change soon, or else they face inevitable humiliation.

Let's not repeat this one: