Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Montpelier and more

Tomorrow, the anti-Vermont Yankee walkers are holding a press conference in Montpelier at 12:30 at the State House. I blogged about this a few days ago, including a link to parking areas in the city. I will be there.

My original sign will not be there, alas. I called the Vermont Sergeant At Arms, and big signs are not allowed within the State House. Signs have to be "no wider than you are and only 12 inches tall."

I go to potlucks, and I obey rules about signs (true dedication). I made a new little sign that meets these criteria. It says Yes Vermont Yankee, of course.

If you aren't going to Montpelier, you might enjoy reading two excellent blog posts that illuminate some of the topics I have covered recently.

One about tritium and bananas. The drinking water limit for tritium protects you against the radiation you would get if you ate a banana. The second half of the post is about tritium.

The other about steam dryers. Excellent explanations about yet another way the anti-s mislead people.

Just think. You will be all warm and toasty, reading interesting blogs, while I brave Montpelier ( low of zero, high of 22 degrees, cloudy and probably windy). I'd love to see you there, but frankly, it also sounds like a good day to stay home.

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