Sunday, December 19, 2010

The 32nd Carnival of Nuclear Energy

The 32nd Carnival of Nuclear Energy is up at Canadian Energy Issues. Steve Aplin blogs at Canadian Energy Issues, and I met him in France this summer when we were visiting Areva reprocessing facilities. In some ways, Steve and I have similar blogs: we each concentrate on energy issues in one geographical region.

Today, Canadian Energy Issues is hosting the Carnival of Nuclear Energy for the first time. Steve has done a terrific job on organizing and explaining the best of the nuclear blogs for the past week. He includes a description of Dan Yurman's amusing (and appalling) Laurel and HardLy awards for the best and worst of the nuclear industry this year. The Laurel and HardLy post is at Idaho Samizdat. In two other posts, Brian Wang of Next Big Future describes the big picture of the world-wide nuclear renaissance, and a smaller picture of a possible breakthrough in extracting uranium from seawater. Steve also comments about the Yes Vermont Yankee debate. Steve notes that if the Vermont Senator thinks that people shouldn't feel entitled to "power whenever they want it," the Senator might consider sending a letter to that effect to billions of people in India and China who need reliable electric power. (He would have to send the letter by snail mail, of course. That could be expensive.)

Come to the Carnival. You will laugh! You will cry! You will look at Brian's charts, read Dan's HardLy awards, listen to the Senator from Vermont and think...maybe THIS is why the Renaissance is mostly happening beyond the American borders. Then you will read Dan's Laurel awards and feel much better.

The graphic is one of my favorite pictures from the French trip this summer: the Carousel in the square at Avignon.

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