Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Even If Vermont Yankee Wins the Lawsuit, Opponents Plan Direct Action to Shut It Down, But They Don't Commit Arson

This is a Youtube of a recent concert in Brattleboro. The concert was the main event at the Positively Charged Music Festival. The purpose of the festival is to kick off a citizen effort to be sure Vermont Yankee closes in March, as reported in the Brattleboro Commons. In that article, Dan DeWalt, the concert organizer, describes the current lawsuit as a blatant attempt by Entergy Nuclear of Louisiana to use the right-leaning federal court system to usurp Vermont law.

Well, so much for the Constitution and the balance of powers.

If you want to hear DeWalt's plans for Vermont Yankee, move the slider to about the 4 minute mark and listen. Amusingly, he talks about the recent demonstration at Vermont Yankee, and states that some people knew and some people didn't know about the activists who were arrested at that day. He doesn't note that the activists got very little publicity because they chose to hold a demonstration and be arrested the first day after the hurricane was over. Reporters and first responders were busy elsewhere! That day, first responders were evacuating people from dangerous situations, bringing supplies to areas that were cut off, and so forth. These activists made sure that some first responders were kept busy at the plant, arresting them.

Well, so much for caring about what happens to other people.

What This Is About. What This Is NOT About.

This is about the fact that some plant opponents will keep up their activities no matter what. Neither law nor hurricanes will deter them from anti-Vermont Yankee activities. In response to this, plant supporters must encourage the rule of law, and must continue to be visible and present. In other words, we must write more letters to the editor and hold more rallies!

This is not about blaming plant opponents for the recent arson fires at the plant headquarters. Every plant opponent spoke out against arson in a recent Brattleboro Reformer article, and I believe them. We will have to wait for the investigation to find out who did it. Free speech against the plant is free speech. Arson is arson. Very very different. There's also a campaign of non-violent direct action to close Vermont Yankee, complete with an Action Camp for training. I don't think they train people to commit arson!

We also have to guard against the situation I might call: "The Usual Suspects." After the Oklahoma City bombing, many people were sure that some Islamic group had done it. Actually, of course, it was a home-grown terrorist, Timothy McVeigh. Similarly, in this arson case, despite all the heated rhetoric against the plant, I suspect that the person who did it was some odd and disgruntled person. I don't think this person was connected to the opponent organizations. Hopefully, the investigation will find out who did it, and lay to rest any knee-jerk accusations.

Just like the lawsuit outcome, at this point...we must simply await events.


nor850 said...

Meredith you are much too kind to the opposition. The Reformer article clearly quoted both Stannard and Shaw as casting doubt and to a degree agreeing with this terrorist act.

The opposition, including the Governor, have built a life and career by labeling Entergy employees as belonging to another tribe that is not as good as the people of Vermont. Having a different value system and being in some way foreign (Entergy Louisiana). This promotes acts of terrorism like that which occurred at our Brattleboro office.

There is absolutely no reason not to think that this terrorist act was a result of this campaign to impugn the integrity of all Entergy employees.

Atomikrabbit said...

From the Action Camp manifesto: “Many nations – including Germany, Italy, Switzerland, and Japan – are taking action to halt the continued use of nuclear power”.

Now that a new, more pragmatic premier is in place, they may have to cross Japan off their list:

Far more new nations are signing up to employ the peaceful use of reliable emissions-free atomic energy, than the three that are pulling back. I’d say from a global perspective, their side is losing:

Tom Clegg said...

Meredith, Just because the spokespeople for these anti-nuke groups are denying responsibility for the fire. They incited this person to do this act by their speeches. We hold people like Hitler and Charles Manson responsible for Murder and other act that they inspired with their speeches. In a court of law it is known as accessory to murder. When they find this person and find out that their speeches incited him. Entergy should be able to sue these anti-nuke groups for damages. Remember even though we have free speech in this country, YOU STILL CAN'T YELL FIRE IN A CROWDED MOVIE THEATER