Sunday, October 9, 2011

73rd Carnival of Nuclear Energy Bloggers at Next Big Future

The 73rd Carnival of Nuclear Energy Bloggers is up at Next Big Future. Brian Wang has put together a great Carnival of world-wide reach!

In the United States:
  • Brian Wang of Next Big Future has started a White House Petition for better nuclear education.
  • Dan Yurman of Idaho Samizdat asks whether the Texas reactors are Texas Toast.
  • At Yes Vermont Yankee, I question the Comprehensive Energy Plan for Vermont without Vermont Yankee.
  • Steve Skutnik of Neutron Economy explores the physical and political limits for spent fuel repositories.
  • Gail Marcus of Nuke Power Talk takes a look at coal and gas, pollution-wise.
  • Steven Krivit, of ANS Nuclear Cafe, points out that we were once terrified of fire, too.

Meanwhile, going international:
  • Will Davis of Atomic Power Review discusses the blast at Fukushima Unit 2: Tepco says it wasn't a hydrogen explosion. It could have been a steam explosion when a hot object hit water.
  • Steve Aplin at Canadian Energy Isues discusses climate change and nuclear proliferation. The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists thinks carbon sequestration is "immediately deployable" and that nuclear power leads to nuclear weapons. Wrong on both counts.
  • Brian Wang at Next Big Future reports that India expects to have 20,000 MW of nuclear on-line by 2020, and Russia is going ahead with a nuclear ice-breaker and new floating nuclear reactors.
  • Also at Next Big Future, Wang reports that Kazakhstan is slowing down its uranium production until prices rise again.

There's so much going on in the world of nuclear power! Visit the Carnival and enjoy it all!

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