Saturday, October 29, 2011

Comments on the Vermont Energy Plan. Comments due by November 4.

The comment period for the Vermont Energy Plan has been extended until November 4. I will be at the American Nuclear Society Winter Meeting for the next few days, and I won't be posting very much.'s some help for commenting!

The Vermont Comprehensive Energy Plan

You can continue to comment on the Vermont Comprehensive Energy Plan through November 4. Unfortunately, the plant is so long (600 pages), so internally inconsistent, and so lacking in numbers (costs, for example) that commenting is difficult. However, in another way, it's easier. For example, you could just say it doesn't work as a plan, and it doesn't work for Vermont. The plan can be vague and you can be vague!

Okay. Being vague is a bad idea. Here are some blogs and articles that can help you define your comments.
Here's the plan.

You can use the following email address to comment.

I explore some of the problems, including the gas pipeline.
Geoffrey Norman asks: what's the rush?

John McClaughry details twenty points: what is wrong with the plan

McClaughry backs up his twenty points with references to more complete articles

Milton Eaton notices the lack of cost information.

Art Woolf: Mercantilism won't work.

I explain that depending on biomass for baseload would be a bad thing. As well as impossible.

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And then reality set in. Surprise, surprise, surprise! Central Vermont seeks power rate hike