Sunday, October 9, 2011

Comprehensive Energy Plan Update: Comment Period Extended

The comment period on the Comprehensive Energy Plan has been extended until November 7. The original comment period ended on October 10, that is, on Monday.

On the heels of a request from Vermont Energy Partnership and queries from regional planning commissions and the Vermont Public Power Supply Authority, the department extended the comment period by nearly a month. Public comments will now be accepted through Nov. 4.

Commissioner of the Department of Public Service Elizabeth Miller said the new comment deadline will push the tentative date for the presentation of the plan to the beginning of December.

And, while we're talking about Vermont Digger, I would like to point out that they published my op-ed about the Energy Plan: The Governor wants a plan--without Vermont Yankee.

Feel free to read and comment on my op-ed!

You can also read other reviews of the plan by:

The deadline has been extended

The good news is that we have another month to review this 600 page plan.

Or maybe, that's the bad news.

Update: Howard Shaffer has an excellent post at ANS Nuclear Cafe this morning about a nuclear opponent from India who was hosted at Vermont Law School. People at VLS are also planning a demonstration at Vermont Yankee.

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