Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day Video, Art and Vermont

The Video

Film about energy and nuclear energy by

Madison Richards, Samantha Noll, & Lauren Nixon
8th Grade
"I've Got the Power"
McKinley Middle Charter School
Racine, WI

The Art

You may have wondered about this picture on the side of the blog. On the other hand, if you clicked on it, you would have found yourself at the website of a young artist who supports nuclear. For a long time, she wouldn't share her name, because she lives in a very "liberal" very anti-nuke community. I see she has her name up there now..Suzy Hobbs!

I encourage you to view her designs or watch her slide show. You can see her sketches on the Areva blog.

The Planet and Vermont

Daily Finance lists Five Technologies That Can Save the Planet (nuclear is one of them).

A professional nuclear society did an excellent one-page description of the legislature's assessment of Vermont Yankee and renewable options. However, if you prefer, you can read the legislature's entire executive summary here.

Keeping Vermont Yankee while building renewables is the best option for Vermont and the planet.

Happy Earth Day!

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