Thursday, April 15, 2010


I am going out of town for a few days, and so I may get behind in posting and moderating comments. Please be patient with me!

Because of my trip, I am also extending the Caldicott Satire contest through the weekend.

Also, there's a little mystery going on. Yesterday Clay Turnbull emailed me and I put the exchange in my blog as follows:

The next picture is Clay Turnbull of the New England Coalition (an anti-nuke group) taking a picture of the reactor model, while a security guard keeps watch in the background. (By the way, there's an interesting quote from Arnie Gundersen on the New England Coalition website.)

Clay Turnbull of the New England Coalition just emailed me that the quote from Arnie Gundersen was incorrect and has been eliminated from the New England Coalition website. In case people have already visited their website, I decided to leave my original statement in this post, and add the new correction. I thank Mr. Turnbull for the update.
My question: Does anybody who reads this blog know about the incorrect quote from Gundersen, how it got on the NEC blog, and how long it was there? The whole thing aroused my curiosity. The quote was something about how good NEC had been about tying Entergy's ankles together. Supposedly said at a party the day after the Senate vote. Turnbull emailed me that NEC checked with Gundersen, Gundersen said that he didn't say this, and NEC took it off the site. But how long was the quote up there and why? Why did it get taken down after my blog linked to the site? Lots of people must read that site daily. Any ideas?

Don't forget. I'm still running the Helen Caldicott Satire Contest. Why cars, toothpaste and paper (so far) are terribly dangerous. Get your entry in soon. Contest ends APRIL 19 (Extended Deadline). Enter early and often!


Robert Hargraves said...


Do you want to address my course, Energy Policy and Environmental Choices: Rethinking Nuclear Power, the morning of May 6? The topic would be why you are blogging about Vermont Yankee. You might review some of your most visited posts.

Meredith Angwin said...


I am happy to do so! I enjoyed talking to your class last year. Judging from all the questions last year, if you want to give me 20 minutes of class time. I should talk for ten and answer questions for ten.

Let me know the schedule.