Sunday, January 29, 2012

89th Carnival of Nuclear Energy Bloggers up at Idaho Samizdat

The 89th Carnival of Nuclear Energy Bloggers is up at Idaho Samizdat. Dan Yurman has put together a great Carnival. Some features include:
  • Make Your Smartphone into a Radiation Detector from Nuclear Diner
  • Myths and truths of nuclear liability insurance from Atomic Insights
  • Reports on the Blue Ribbon Commission Final Report from NEI Nuclear Notes
This Carnival also includes two new blogs (new to the Carnival, at least):
This is a great Carnival! There's more, of course: new reactor types, Russian nuclear icebreakers, cultural bias and nuclear energy. Come to the Carnival! Enjoy your Sunday evening with the best reading in the nuclear world!

In local news, not the Carnival, I recommend an op-ed by Howard Shaffer. The Vermont Energy plan is supposedly about moving to renewables. Actually, the plan is about burning more natural gas and coal. Shaffer: Energy plan relies too much on fossil fuels.

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