Saturday, August 11, 2012

117th Carnival of Nuclear Bloggers at Next Big Future

The 117th Carnival of Nuclear Energy is up at Next Big Future!  It has been quite a week in nuclear, and there's an amazing collection of blog posts in this Carnival. There's Mars, for example.  The Curiosity Rover is nuclear-powered (what else could it be) and some posts describe nuclear batteries or the Rover itself.  Brian Wang, the blogger at Next Big Future, has several posts about new types of power sources, and a very important post about health effects of Fukushima (lesson learned: don't evacuate old people).  Several posts cover the Waste Confidence Rule. There are also a couple on the positive effects of nuclear energy.  Two positive effects include the resurgence of crocodiles in Florida, and successful emergency planning for the Iowa floods, inspired by existing planning for Duane Arnold (the plant was fine throughout the flooding, but the planning for plant emergencies helped first responders in the flood).  Michael Angwin of Australia took part in a successful debate, and that debate inspires some posts at the Carnival too.

Visit the Carnival! There's nothing quite like it in the nuclear industry!  Have fun!

Remember: you can always link to the latest Carnival through the lady-in-the-mask in the right hand column of this blog.

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