Monday, August 20, 2012

Coming Attractions Plus the 118th Carnival of Nuclear Energy Bloggers: The Butterfly Edition

Coming Attractions

Thorium: I just received the final version of Dr. Robert Hargraves book, THORIUM: energy cheaper than coal.  I reviewed a draft version earlier, and I will be reviewing the book on my blog soon!  In the meantime, you can buy the book on Amazon.  I can tell you ahead of my official review: this is a terrific book.

Carnival: At the end of this week, Yes Vermont Yankee will be hosting the next Carnival of Nuclear Bloggers.

The 118th Carnival of Nuclear Energy Bloggers

The 118th Carnival of Nuclear Energy Bloggers is up at ANS Nuclear Cafe.   Some Japanese scientists found butterflies that may have been affected by Fukushima radiation.  Since the article about was from a peer-reviewed journal, it had to be taken seriously, and a group of nuclear bloggers took it seriously.  Susan Voss of Nuclear Diner started the review process, and Rod Adams and NEI continued it.  (By the way, the journal wasn't peer-reviewed in the sense we are used to hearing: each article was sent to only one reviewer. )  If you want to see  what I consider a really careful review, read the posts, and read the very thoughtful comment streams on the blog posts!

Of course, there's more in the nuclear world than butterfly reports. For example, the ANS sponsors a Utility Working Group Conference: Rod Adams and Margaret Harding report on it. Brian Wang at Next Big Future reports on new developments and on the extravagant materials costs of offshore wind turbines.  Rick Maltese at Thorium MSR suggests that Canada look at thorium reactors. Les Corrice at Hiroshima Syndrome continues his investigation into decision-making in the first five days of the Fukushima nuclear accident.  Will Davis has a retrospective look at Sylvania-Corning nuclear reactors at his blog, Atomic Power Review.  Meanwhile, ANS Nuclear Cafe, Davis writes a blog post that knocks the ball out of the park, describing and assessing the possible pressure vessel issues in Belgium.  Also at ANS Nuclear Cafe, Dan Yurman carves the, Dan reports on the competition to carve up the market for reactors in Turkey.  Turkey will buy new reactors, but from whom?  At Yes Vermont Yankee, I write about black out (grid), black out (station) and black start (grid).  It's a pretty upbeat post, actually.  Not noir.

Visit the Carnival!  Have fun!  Remember, you can always find the latest Carnival through the masked lady at the right of this blog post.

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