Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The NRC Wants YOU! (to share your opinion of their social media outreach)

The NRC wants your opinion of their social media outreach efforts.

A consultant for the NRC contacted me a few weeks ago and asked me for my opinion of the NRC's social media outreach efforts, such as the NRC blog, YouTube channel and twitter feed.  I obliged by giving them a phone interview.  I don't know how they picked people to interview, but I think that my blog was part of the selection process.

Two days ago, they asked me if I could publicize their wider efforts to gather opinions of NRC's social media outreach.  Specifically, they asked me to publicize a link to an opinion-survey form.  Here's the link to their form:  Nuclear Regulatory Commission's Use of Social Media.

Share your opinion. Your name will not be submitted to the NRC, but your opinion will form some part of a final report to the NRC.

This is a chance to communicate with the NRC about their outreach attempts, so I encourage people to submit the form.

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