Sunday, July 24, 2011

62nd Carnival Of Nuclear Energy Bloggers

The 62nd Carnival of Nuclear Energy Blogs is up at Idaho Samizdat. Dan Yurman put it together, and he did a great job.

One theme: how are the power plants doing as the Heat Is On? Steve Aplin tracks how wind production in Ontario has nothing to do with electricity demand in the province (not a real surprise) while Charles Barton notes that in a place like Dallas, summer air conditioning is necessary for health (or survival of older people). Still, Greenpeace keeps rejecting nuclear in favor of gas plants.

Meanwhile, at Nuke Power Talk, Gail Marcus discusses how the "Heat is On" in Japan (in another sense) may encourage the Japanese to be more open about problems. She notes that the culture of Japan sometimes makes it very hard to admit errors. She worked in Japan, and has some important things to say about cover-ups and culture. It can be very hard to write about such things today: we never want to criticize others for doing things differently. However, in some circumstances, doing things one way or another has big consequences. Marcus does a great job of describing the situation.

I fear I will end up with a post as long as the Carnival post, so I will go quickly through the rest of the entries.
When its really hot, you need something cool and cheerful. The Carnival is it! Thank you Dan, for putting it together.

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