Thursday, July 28, 2011

New Facebook Page for Save Vermont Yankee. Yes VY and Technorati

Like Save Vermont Yankee! Please Like the Page!

Facebook, in their eternal wisdom, decided that Groups have few members and Pages have many fans. This is moderately interesting, unless you are an administrator on a Group that is Too Big (around 1200 members) and gets "archived." The Group was Save Vermont Yankee and most people can still see it (I can't) but we can't do much with it.

So Cavan Stone and I started a Facebook Page, also called Save Vermont Yankee. Unfortunately, Facebook has hidden the Group membership list (yeah, stupid of them, so tell me about it). The new Page has about five fans right now. Please Like it by clicking the new Facebook button at the top right of this page!

Actually, I think the Page will be more flexible than the Group was, but transitions are difficult.


Just as I was beginning to feel defeated by Internet technology (or maybe by Facebook) I got a nice email from a friend. He had encouraged me to register my blog on Technorati. I registered it last month and promptly forgot about it.

My friend emailed me yesterday and said: "Wow, your blog is doing great. Lovely authority numbers and in the top 100 Green blogs." (There are about 9000 Green blogs on Technorati) Here's a link to the blog at number 75 (but Technorati changes rankings every day)

Glad my friend told me!

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