Monday, August 15, 2011

65th Carnival of Nuclear Energy Bloggers: Inspiration and the Bigger Picturw

The 65th Carnival of Nuclear Energy is up at NEI Nuclear Notes. The title is Turning Inspiration int Action, Not Just Nuclear, and the Bigger Pictures.

David Bradish starts the post with inspiration. Suzy Hobbs at ANS Nuclear Cafe asks how to turn inspiration into action. What can a nuclear supporter do? Her answer is: Talk about it. Don't be shy! Will Davis, at Atomic Power Review, talks about talking about it...specifically, which is more dangerous? A nuclear power plant or a gas station? Rod Adams hosted a podcast with Ben Heard and Barry Brooks of Australia, describing how people are trying to move Australia away from its dependence on coal.

Four bloggers make comparisons of nuclear and other technologies. Dr. John Bickel at Evergreen Nuclear tracks radiation releases from natural gas production (hey, it's "natural), and Steve Aplin of Canadian Energy Issues looks at the Sierra Club's pro-natural gas policies and asks the logical question: Why are they against a gas PIPELINE but in favor of replacing a nuclear plant with a gas-fired power plant? At ANS Nuclear Cafe, Dr. Ulrich Decher evaluates whether California can meet its renewable energy goals (think "intermittency"). At Yes Vermont Yankee, my slide show describes the most likely substitutions for Vermont Yankee power if the plant closes (think "fossil").

In other posts, Charles Barton defends the Molten Salt Reactor, and indeed, all nuclear power. Margaret Harding at 4 Factor Consulting looks at the economic overview of the nuclear industry. Gail Marcus of Nuke Power Talk discusses the regulatory changes that would help Japan in the future. Dan Yurman of Idaho Samizdat has two excellent posts about the progress on the Vogtle reactors: one post on financing, and another on the recently issued NRC Safety Evaluation Report for the AP1000 reactor design,

David Bradish has put together an excellent Carnival, including well-chosen quotes from many of the blogs. Come to the Carnival! New information, interesting viewpoints, no cotton candy! It's a feast for the intellect!

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