Saturday, August 27, 2011

67th Carnival of Nuclear Energy is Up at Next Big Future

The 67th Carnival of Nuclear Energy Bloggers is up at Next Big Future.

As I personally get ready for a tropical storm, I am happy to see so much good news in this Carnival. I have a light-hearted post on nuclear communication at ANS blog (and a somewhat heavier one about Shumlin's view of decommissioning), Margaret Harding talks about "Natural Disasters Week" (earthquake and hurricane on the East Coast, both in one week) and how the nuclear plants have demonstrated resilience and safety. It's not just a feel-good post; it's basically about risk assessment. Rod Adams explains why, post-Fukushima, nuclear is still the energy of the future. Adams also features a video everyone should see: young journalists in Japan investigating why Western journalists ignored thousands of tsunami deaths and wrote the stories their editors wanted: "Radiation Danger!"

Will Davis writes a great article on the East Coast earthquake, and all the plants that were affected or not-affected. Everyone appreciates Davis sane approach to the world of nuclear! Brian Wang discusses why stopping nuclear energy (mostly, a Northern European trend) is not economical or ecological. He also reports on the uranium production in Kazakhstan, which goes higher every year. Finally, Gail Marcus describes several pieces of good news, all in one week, and all in one blog post. The TVA board approved the completion of Bellefonte, the first restart of a nuclear reactor in Japan since the tsunami, the completion of NRC safety evaluations of Summer 2 and 3, and a poll about Indian Point which was pro-Indian Point. (Not surprising. Nuclear opponents are vocal, but not a majority!)

It's a sweet carnival! Thanks to Brian Wang. Visit the Carnival!

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