Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Propane Tanks on the River

A video from the neighboring town of Woodstock.

It shows propane tanks floating down the Ottaquechee River. Our town manager said they looked like marshmallows as they floated by. According to Vermont Digger, 200 propane tanks from West Woodstock (Dead River Fuels) are stuck in Quechee Gorge. Some are leaking: note the "smell of propane" mentioned in this video. Removing the tanks from the river will not be easy. The tanks are stuck in Quechee Gorge, and I have heard that nobody is allowed over the Quechee Gorge bridge for fear of setting off an explosion.

Quechee Gorge bridge is in my township, though not close to me. (Thank heavens.)

West Hartford (also in my township) is hard-hit. I meet most Tuesday nights with some women at the West Hartford library. The library was flooded, and the main road to the village is impassible. The White River flooded it and apparently destroyed parts of the road (I have not seen it, I just know it is closed.) The bridge at West Hartford is so damaged that cars cannot cross it, though pedestrians can.

Huge concerns for the people of my hard-hit township. My family is okay, and I will return to blogging about my usual subjects--pretty soon.

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