Sunday, February 19, 2012

92nd Carnival of Nuclear Energy Bloggers at ANS Nuclear Cafe

The Vermont Yankee Edition

The 92nd Carnival of Nuclear Energy Bloggers is up at ANS Nuclear Cafe. This one is of special interest to the readers of this blog. At the top of the Carnival post, compiler Dan Yurman writes that we might as well call the Carnival the "Vermont Yankee" edition because of all the news coming out of that state about that reactor.

The 92nd Carnival includes links to the three excellent NEI Nuclear Notes blog posts on the hatchet-job CNN program. It includes ANS Nuclear Cafe posts by Tamar Cerafici on a Plain English review of the Court Decision, and the post by Howard Shaffer on the politics of States Rights in Vermont and other states. There are links to some recent Yes Vermont Yankee posts, including the Vermont AG's appeal of the court's ruling. Will Davis, at Atomic Power Review debunks the Vermont Yankee CNN program. Yes, a large part of this Carnival is the Vermont Yankee edition.

Beyond Vermont

Of course, there's a wide world beyond Vermont. Brian Wang of Next Big Fugure reports on nuclear generation figures world-wide, and on the Areva Anteres reactor. Dan Yurman at Idaho Samizdat reports on the Areva HTGR design for process heat applications. He also reports the result of a face-to-face meeting between U.K. Prime Minister Cameron and French President Sarkozy. The meeting led to a deal involving Areva reactors to be built in the U K. Rod Adams of Atomic Insights looks at the relationship between M I T and natural gas money. and Cheryl Rofer of Nuclear Diner explores the music of the (very little) spheres in the gammaphone. You read that right, the gamma-phone. She also describes the nuclear technology NASA needs for space exploration. Meanwhile, at Nuke Power Talk, Gail Marcus describes the relationship between regulators and regulated in Japan. It's not a pretty sight, unless you think regulators should depend on the regulated for...their own next job.

Come to the Carnival! Learn about Vermont Yankee! Learn about Areva! Learn about Japan! The Carnival is great reading all the time, and especially when it is the Vermont Yankee edition.

Two Vermont Yankee Links From Today

Last night, many of us watched the twenty minutes of direct lies and half-truths that CNN is showing about Vermont Yankee. Today, two of the top nuclear bloggers wrote about the CNN show, and I encourage you to read their posts:

At Atomic Insights, Rod Adams posts CNN's carefully timed attack on nuclear energy and NRC credibility. Among other things, Rod figures out how CNN managed to make the NRC look so very unresponsive.

Enjoy the Carnival and these recent posts, too.

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