Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Mountains of Vermont Yankee: The Issues Behind the Issues

This morning, I have a blog post at ANS Nuclear Cafe: The Mountains of Vermont Yankee.

In this post, I show how every issue about Vermont Yankee has another issue hidden behind it. There's Vermont Yankee and the Constitution, and behind that there's Vermont and other constitutional challenges, and behind that there's the business climate in Vermont, and behind that there's Vermont Yankee as cash cow and behind that...well, you get the picture!

Writing about Vermont Yankee is like facing a mountain range. There's always another issue behind this issue, another hill behind this hill! Hopefully, my post puts some Vermont Yankee controversies in perspective.

Ahem. Before everyone emails me with corrections.
  • I am aware that Vermont Yankee is in a comparatively flat section of Vermont.
  • I am also aware that the iconic Vermont mountain pictured here (Camel's Hump) is in the northwest part of Vermont, while Vermont Yankee is in the southeast corner of the state.

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