Saturday, February 18, 2012

Attorney General Appeals Court Ruling

Yes, we all knew it would happen. The State is appealing the judgment. The State is throwing good money after bad, but Shumlin has to show his hard-core supporters that he really tried.

The appeal is a short document, and there will be more to come, no doubt. But here's a link to the document that was filed today. Filed early morning Saturday at the beginning of a three-day weekend in order to avoid news coverage? Or to annoy the press? Who knows?

Once you are throwing taxpayer money down the toilet, I guess anything goes.

Here's a longer Vermont Digger article about the appeal, including Governor Shumlin's latest comments about "Entergy Louisiana." (Losing on the basis of the Commerce Clause doesn't seem to prevent Shumlin from demonizing other states.) The main point of the appeal seems to be that "citizen legislators" can talk about nuclear safety and that does not affect the laws they pass. They're just chatting. In other words, statements like "we have to find another word for safety" don't show intent. Whatever. I guess the courts will now decide.

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