Sunday, February 26, 2012

93rd Carnival of Nuclear Energy Blogs at Next Big Future

The 93rd Carnival of Nuclear Energy Blogs is up at Next Big Future. My how time flies. It seems only yesterday that Brian Wang of Next Big Future was suggesting we have a nuclear blog carnival. He definitely had some experience with blog Carnivals: Carnival of Space 238 is also posted at Next Big Future. Thank you, Brian, for being the guiding force behind these Carnivals!

The Nuclear Carnival topics include:
  • Small Modular Reactors at Idaho Samizdat
  • Uranium enrichment at Science and Technology at Newsok (a new blog for the Carnival)
  • Introduce a Girl To Engineering at ANS Nuclear Cafe
  • The Oath of the Engineer at ANS Nuclear Cafe (a great pair of blogs about National Engineer's week)
  • The CNN Report and the ongoing lawsuit--two posts at Yes Vermont Yankee
  • A summary of events in Japan from Atomic Power Review
  • Vogtle revives nuclear hysteria from Neutron Economy
  • Rare earth supplies and wind turbines from Nuke Power Talk
  • South Korea, China and Nuclear Power from Next Big Future

It's a great Carnival, and a great place to visit on a slow Sunday evening!

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