Sunday, August 5, 2012

Outreach Opportunity at Book Tour Plus New Carnival

The SAGE Alliance is sponsoring a book tour: Fukushima: Nuclear Power’s Gift to Our Planet.
The author has written a non-scientific screed based on her own fears.  This is the kind of thing where people with a positive voice must show up.

The World Health Organization has calculated people’s dose from the accident.  The information is available on line. Exposures up to 10 milli Sievert-a CT scan or less!!  Not significant.

What can you do?
  • Read about the program and the author.
  • Read the book review.
  • Study the World Health Organization results.  Make a few copies.
  • Show up and politely challenge the author
These presentations are right on our doorstep!

Links to the information are below,

August 5
5:30 -9 Lyman Hall
Northampton, MA

August 6 – Anniversary of the Hiroshima bombing
142 High Street
Amherst, MA

Center Congregational Church
193 Main Street
Brattleboro, VT

August 7
Howe Library
South Street
Hanover, NH

August 9
Harwich Community Center
Harwich, MA

Friends Meeting House
West Falmouth, MA

Sage Alliance


Book Review

World Health Organization info


Howard Shaffer wrote this a few days ago. I should have put it up on the blog at that time, but I was on vacation.

If you can't attend, you might add to the discussion at the Brattleboro Forum.

The 116th  Carnival of Nuclear Energy Bloggers is posted at Idaho Samizdat.   Many fascinating posts on non-proliferation issues, as well as the NRC and other topics.  About the NRC, Rod Adams looks at  Harry Reid's diatribe against Commissioner Magwood  ("first-class rat") and asks if Reid knows the difference between loyalty ("anything you say, boss!") and integrity.  Margaret Harding looks at the accusations that the NRC is a "captured regulator" and shows why the NRC, despite problems, remains an independent agency.  And there's more!  Read the Carnival.

And remember that the lady in the Carnival costume (in the righthand column of this blog) will always link to the latest Carnival.


Kit P said...

Our job in the nuclear industry is to produce power without hurting anyone even if the unexpected happens. No one has been hurt by radiation from LWRs with containment buildings. We design for accidents and the unexpected.

The nuclear industry also does a good job of providing information for those interested in overcoming fear of radiation and nuclear power plant.

There is also and industry that sells fear. My favorite New England author is Stephen King. The nuclear industry is very good at producing power and Stephen King is good at selling books. My recommendation is to ignore those who are not significant. PV panels that do not produce much power and books that do not sell very many copies should be treated as insignificant.

Meredith Angwin said...

Kit P. A good comment!

This is something I wrestle with all the time. At one level: "A charge un-answered is a charge believed" so I should try to answer everything. At another level, and perhaps a more rational one, I usually ignore most opponent demonstrations and book tours and so forth.

How much should we try to do?

In any case, I think pro-nuclear people should try to be a real presence at public hearings about the power plants. I try to attend as many hearings as I can.

Kit P said...

I think attending public meetings and voicing a well informed opinion is a neglected responsibility in our democracy. Discussing ideas with open minded people is a good thing too. That is different that debating with crazy people.

If you get a chance, point your finger at your governor and ask him if he knows what Grayout Davis is doing these days.

Howard Shaffer said...

We agree. The situation we encounter at anti-nuke functions is two kinds of people. One, will go to their graves believing that any amount of radiation is dangerous. The other are persuadable.

We believe in confronting these groups at every opportunity, so the persuadables my be influenced.