Saturday, November 17, 2012

A Strong Vision for the Future of Vermont: Charles Kelly Guest Post

Charles Kelly
Professional Engineer
Addison, Vermont

Reference PSB Docket No. 7862

Gentlemen of the Vermont Public Service Board,

I am sure you have heard all the arguments before but some things are worth repeating.

The electrical generating capacity of Vermont Yankee needs to be continued as well as Vermont’s use of it. As you know there is no Vermont based generated energy on-line or feasible in the next decade that can replace Vermont Yankee’s near 5,000 giga -Whr per year. Vermonters do not discard useful tools before their time. Please do not discard this valuable in-place, environmentally clean, energy source.

Reliance on foreign and out-of-state energy sources, coupled with our own meager intermittent renewable sources, leaves us vulnerable to uncontrolled rate increases and in a weak bargaining position.

At some time in the distant future, a replacement state-of-the art energy system can make valuable use of the pre-qualified central generating site in Vernon.

Let the legacy of the 2012 Public Service Board be one of vision:
  • Vision to see through the political rhetoric.
  • Vision to not be fooled by the profiteering antics of the intermittent energy coalition.
  • Vision to provide affordable energy for Vermont’s working class and small business community.
  • And a vision to keep Vermont Yankee generating for Vermont.
Thank you for your attention.


Charles Kelly
Addison, Vermont


Charles Kelly drove from Addison Vermont to speak at the hearing.   He holds a BME and MME from Villanova University, and is a Professional Engineer  (P.E.) in Pennsylvania and Vermont. You can read more about Kelly's background at his earlier guest post: PV Solar and Vermont, Not a Good Fit.  Kelly serves on the planning commission for the town of Addison.

This is the 14th in a series of posts which share statements made in favor of Vermont Yankee at the Public Service Board hearing on November 7, 2012

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