Saturday, November 10, 2012

Carnival of Nuclear Energy 130 at Atomic Insights

Carnival of Nuclear Energy Blogs #130 is now posted at Atomic Insights.  Rod Adams has posted an important Carnival.  I call it  the low-hazard Carnival. Let's look at some non-hazards.

Two posts (one by me, one podcast including me) describe the non-events of "nuclear plants in the path of Hurricane Sandy."

At ANS Nuclear Cafe, Rod Adams posts a stinging critique of the declared non-scientific bias of the infamous New York Academy report on Chernobyl (which the Academy has semi-repudiated. They sure don't sell it any more.) At his own blog, Rod Adams posts an analysis of a recent study of Leukemia in Chernobyl workers.  Over 100,000 workers, over 20 years later, perhaps 19 extra cases of leukemia.  He notes that nobody in Japan received doses at the levels of the Chernobyl workers.

Les Corrice writes an honest (and therefore reassuring) look at cesium, fuel pools and Fukushima.

Brian Wang, at Next Big Future, describes the coming market for High Temperature Gas Cooled Reactors (700 reactors, probably) and the safety of these reactors.

In other posts, I describe the successful Public Service Board (PSB) meeting in Vermont, and Gail Marcus looks at all the clever ways that people can cherry-pick data.

In the Carnival, Rod says something nice about our efforts in Vermont, and I will repeat it here.  Thank you, Rod!

Aside: Meredith’s efforts in Vermont remind me of the story of the The Tortoise and the Hare. Her steady efforts have been increasingly successful. The writeup in the Brattleboro Reformer about the PSB meeting was a great example of how pronuclear activism can work. It mentioned Meredith’s blog. End Aside.

Come to the Carnival! Have fun! Step right up and read about the non-hazards!

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