Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Entergy Louisiana and Entergy Arkansas and Hurricane Sandy

The crews arrive

 Crews from Entergy Louisiana have arrived in Staten Island to help restore power after the massive destruction from Hurricane Sandy. This post is headed by a video that Con Ed (the New York utility) made about their arrival.

Reuters has a well-written article about the Entergy crews: New Orleans linemen square Katrina debt with Sandy aid.  As you might expect from a business-press article, it is very complete.  Reuters explains how the lineman are paid, their living conditions, how utility mutual assistance groups help with storm damage, and so forth.   The story finishes with a great personal quote from Glenn Nicholas of New Orleans (emphasis added by me):

Nicholas was looking forward to getting to work. Unlike New Orleans after 2005's Katrina -- a city that was wet and filthy but also largely empty except for law enforcement, rescue workers and repair crews -- New York remains full of residents who have been stuck in darkened apartments, anxious to get out again.

"The best feeling for any linemen is getting the lights back on," he said, adding: "I love New York. It's kind of like New Orleans, just way bigger."

Southerners!  Run for the hills!

I wrote this because I listened to the people in the video. They have Southern accents!

In Vermont, some so-called environmentalists think Southern accents show that  people are "not like us."  I encountered this first-hand when I debated one of these men at the Putney School a little over a year ago.  Well, no.  This man wouldn't debate me.  We were supposed to have a debate, but he decided he wanted one assembly for himself, and I would speak at the second assembly.

I went to the first assembly to hear what he would say.  He had the kids in stitches, using humor to get them on his side.

How did he do this?  Well, he imitated a Southern accent. He said that Entergy Louisiana had sent a senior VP to talk to the legislature in Vermont, and the VP was a man with a Southern accent (imitation then followed). How could Entergy think this man could convince anyone in Vermont of anything?  He then talked about the Civil War painting in the State House.  Vermont was not Louisiana, after all!

Oh..kay.  I had my work cut out for me, after that one.

As arranged, I spoke in the same auditorium the following week. I started my talk with a quote from Abraham Lincoln ("to bind up the nation's wounds"). I followed this with a plea for tolerance and respect, even if people look different or have different accents.

This was not how I expected to start my talk about Vermont Yankee, Unfortunately, that kind of  prejudice was relevant to Vermont Yankee.

Governor Shumlin nurtures prejudice and demonizes the South

Governor Shumlin
Vermont Governor Shumlin ran against Vermont Yankee in his last election campaign.  He ran as much against Vermont Yankee as he ran against his opponent, Brian Dubie.

To bolster his campaign, he constantly described the company that owns Vermont Yankee as "Entergy Louisiana." Actually, Vermont Yankee is part of "Entergy Nuclear."  You can see all the different companies on the main Entergy site.    Still, Shumlin has never been much of a stickler about facts. It suited Shumlin's agenda to make "Entergy Lousiana" the scapegoat and he did so.

Here's a post of mine about Shumlin during the last election. Taking It Personal.  Shumlin Accuses Dubie of Serving the Interests of "Entergy Louisiana"

And here's a part of letter that Shumlin wrote to "Entergy Louisiana."  The plant wanted to restrict photography at Vermont Yankee. This letter is quoted in its entirety  on another of my blog posts.

Message to Entergy Louisiana – “You are in Vermont – Not China”
Montpelier , Vt. – Entergy Louisiana announced it is now imposing “new guidelines” for journalists. ...
“These new tactics disguised as ‘guidelines’ more resemble actions of governments like The Republic of China. Entergy Louisiana’s actions make it impossible to believe them when they say, they are committed to being more open and transparent, “said Senate President Peter Shumlin. “This is not the Vermont way!”

Note To Governor Shumlin
Entergy Arkansas Trucks at Staging Site in New Jersey

Governor Shumlin is running for re-election, and I think there is a very good chance he will be re-elected.  If he becomes Governor again, I hope he notices that he lives in the United States of America.  It's a country where people have Southern accents, Spanish accents, Vietnamese accents, and Boston accents.  It's also a country that tries to follow the American Way of mutual help in emergencies.  For example, people from Louisiana coming up to help people in New York and New Jersey.

Mutual help is the American way, Governor Shumlin.  And the Southern way. And the Vermont way, or at least I hope it's the Vermont way.  Governor Shumlin, maybe you should learn about this and stop making fun of Southerners and saying they don't do things "the Vermont way."

After all, you've got a pretty funny accent yourself.

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