Monday, August 29, 2011

Shumlin, the Storm, and Vermont Yankee: The storm is not a problem for the plant.

Shumlin says the storm is not a problem for Vermont Yankee! By golly, he's acting like a governor now, focusing attention on areas of Vermont that need attention!

In his interview at Democracy Now, Shumlin starts with the usual "leaking plant, untrustworthy company" stuff. But then he says we are "in good hands" about the plant and the storm. Instead of using the storm as yet-another-platform about Vermont Yankee, Shumlin puts important things first. The people who are flooded out, and the roads that are closed--those problems come first.

If you don't live in the state, and want to get an idea of the extent of the flooding damage, this road-closure map might help.

Update: I recommend Rod Adam's excellent post on this subject. Shumlin wants to shut down the nuclear plant and simulataneously help prevent global warming? Soft hearts should not be accompanied by soft heads.


Joffan said...

"acting like a governor"... I admire your ability to look on the positive, but Shumlin could have done much better if he had skipped his VY bashing. He might even have done his court case some good.

Imagine if in response to the loaded questions from Goodman he'd said something praising the workers and reassuring hte public: "The nuclear plant workers prepared thoroughly for the storm and they've ridden it out without trouble. The whole site, including the waste, is secure against flooding and the power production has continued throughout the weather crisis."

I have no idea how so many people - including Shumlin - can endure the cognitive dissonance of both insisting that countering climate change is vitally important and simultaneously opposing nuclear power tooth and nail.

Meredith Angwin said...

Joffan. You are correct, of course.

Maybe I am the one suffering from cognitive dissonance! It almost seems normal to me to hear someone saying we are going to close Vermont Yankee and simultaneously decrease our dependence on fossil fuels. Assuming that the "someone" is a poltician.

Anonymous said...

I will note this: The fact that Shumlin is saying the plant is safe right now in this situation, hopefully, will be accepted by the strident anti-nukes that I regularly see, every time a nuclear plant has to weather any sort of natural disaster, who claim that the nuclear plant has become a massive nuclear disaster which the NRC, plant owner and "industry" are lieing about and covering up the "truth".

I mean, Shumlin has shown time and time again that he'll jump on any hint of a problem (even if there isn't any real problem - such as the recent Shumlin "fish story") at a nuclear plant and turn it into a terrible disaster. Hardly seems he would be the sort to "cover up" a problem at VY.