Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Ability to Live in My Home: Karen Wilson Guest Post

Karen Wilson
Good evening, my name is Karen Wilson.

I am here to support Vermont Yankee in obtaining the Certificate of Public Good.

I live here in Vernon with my daughter Heather. Who happens to be an adult with developmental challenges.

My other daughter, Amanda also lives here in Vernon with her partner, Jason and my two grand-daughters, Kali and Reis.

I moved to the area in 1971 and began raising my family here in 1980.

I worked at a local business in Brattleboro until a few years ago, when due to the times, found myself in a position like many and was laid off.

Thankfully, just over a year and a half ago, I was offered a job and accepted a position at Vermont Yankee.

Vermont Yankee has many programs and offers support not only to the community but to its employees. With the support of management and my fellow employees at Vermont Yankee, I am able to take advantage of one program they offer, that is allowing me the opportunity to go back to school to complete my business degree.

Having Vermont Yankee here in Vernon, as an employer, has made it possible for Heather and I to continue to live in our home, for me to support my family and for me to continue my education.
I personally feel, and have experienced firsthand, that Vermont Yankee is a safe and vital contributor to its employees and to the community.

Thank you for the opportunity to share my story with you.


This is the ninth in a series of posts which share statements made in favor of Vermont Yankee at the Public Service Board hearing on November 7, 2012.


Travelogue for the Universe said...

A great and real story. Thanks for posting.mary

Meredith Angwin said...


I agree. Thank you. The opponents talk about bad things that COULD happen at Vermont Yankee. These things range from far-fetched to completely impossible. They never acknowledge the bad things that WILL happen to people if Vermont Yankee is shut down!